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In 2019, Superpedestrian ventured into the shared micro-mobility industry. As Superpedestrian’s sole industrial designer, I set to define and deliver such a purposefully build scooter for sharing industry. I was responsible for shaping product definition, conducting research, and defining ergonomic envelope and aesthetical language. During the engineering stage, I guided engineering solutions, ensuring they are aligned with the design intents. 

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A scooter fits for sharing industry needs to be inclusive to various user groups and to handle urban road conditions and traffic.

Soon after I started competitive research, I realized at the time (2018-2019) no off-the-shelf solutions met our safety and ergonomic expectation. This lad the need for ergonomic testing to define the vehicle geometry for an inclusive shared scooter type.

Form factor and visual language explorations followed the ergonomic development. I generated a series of concepts each showcasing a distinct production method. Once the engineering team identified the product method and constraints, we reviewed the options and selected the path that work coherently with the said production method.

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