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In 2019, Superpedestrian entered the shared micro-mobility industry. As the sole industrial designer, I undertook the task of defining and delivering a purpose-built scooter for this sector. My responsibilities encompassed shaping product definitions, conducting extensive research, and defining both ergonomic parameters and aesthetic language. Throughout the engineering phase, I guided the development of engineering solutions to ensure alignment with the design intents.

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An ideal scooter for the sharing industry must cater to diverse users and accommodating urban road conditions and traffic seamlessly

Early into my competitive research (2018-2019), it became evident that existing off-the-shelf solutions didn't meet our safety and ergonomic standards. This spurred the necessity for rigorous ergonomic testing to define the inclusive geometry of our shared scooter.

Form factor and visual language explorations followed the ergonomic development. I generated a series of concepts each showcasing a distinct production method. Once the engineering team identified the product method and constraints, we reviewed the options and selected the path that work coherently with the said production method.

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