Illusory Machine Shop

As an concept art enthusiast, I have created a handful design sketches of imagery vehicles and machineries. To organize this body of work, I started the Illusory Machine Shop (IMS) collection. 

Aero Rally

Aero Rally was a concept sketch series I created a while ago. Recently, I decided to reinterpret these 2D sketches into 3D in quick modeling sessions, giving these old concepts a second life. The original sketch emphasized gesture and atmospheric expression. During 3D reinterpretation, I wanted to add bit of mechanical detail and rationales: How does it hover? The "floating" nature of the vehicles reminded me of the ground effect boats, so I decide to incorporate some elements into the design.

This 3D reinterpretation of my old concept art sketch is an homage to Tatsuo Yoshida's Speedracer. I set a very short time frame (a couple of hrs) to challenge myself while completing these concept creation/modeling exercises. In response, I select a very few critical details to help the model look more interesting. 

Camper Shuttle

Inspired by a few friends building their own camper vans, I created this fictional shuttle camper. Based on a standard transport shuttle, the cargo hold was converted into a camping/living space.

Magazine mock up featuring "pre-conversion" standard off-the-line cargo shuttle

Magazine mock up showing a converted camper shuttle 

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